Municipality of the region of Varena
2021 October 17


Currently, around 300 small and medium enterprises are carrying out business activities in Varėna region. These activities mostly consist of the wholesale and retail trade, agriculture and forestry, manufacturing, logistic and storage companies of various goods, and construction enterprises. Varėna's strategic and one of the most important business activities is the purchase, processing and export of the forest goods. What is more, as Varėna district is the most forested district in Lithuania, logging and timber processing is considered as one of core business activities in the area. Also, the food industry has been developing in the district; the production consists of high quality milk and confectionery products, various kinds of grains, cereals and other bulk products. In addition, natural mineral waters are extracted. Although the biggest part of the district is mostly covered by forests, agricultural activities are also very popular. The farmers raise crops, fruit trees, berry shrubs, soft fruits, and vegetables and engage in animal husbandry. Since the area is suitable for the tourism, the services for tourists are being properly developed there, too. There are more than thirty farmsteads and ten accommodation structures of other types that might offer the accommodation services. Clean and beautiful nature of Varėna is very attractive to participants of active recreation. Perhaps the most popular recreational activities are kayaking or rafting. In order to meet all the expectations and needs of the guests, the local entrepreneurs rent the water tourism inventory and provide other services. In this region where the old Lithuanian traditions are preserved, the guests can also acquire some valuable, hand-made goods from the local craftsmen and folk artists. In addition, the guests are invited to try the art of pottery and candle making, straw weaving, egg decorating, and wool making.


 Main buisinesses in Varėna:

 Purchase and Processing of Forest Goods

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