Municipality of the region of Varena
2021 October 17

Relations with foreign countries

International relations

•The contract on economic and cultural contact development with Municipality of Mikołajki's (Poland) town and gmina was signed on the 13th of November in 1996.
•The contract of cooperation with Municipality of Prenclau (Germany) was signed on the 28th of April in 2000.
•The contract of cross-border cooperation with Municipality of Skurup (Sweden) was signed on the 7th of the September in 2000.



Town and gmina of Mikołajki (Mikolajki), Mazur (Mazury), Poland.

Population of gmina is 9 000, in the town - 4 000.
Distance from Varėna - 280 km.
The town of Mikolajki is famous as a tourist attraction center. The most significant hotel with water attraction is Hotel Golebiewski.
Municipalities are related from the 13th of July in 1996. 

The main communication between municipalities - in culture area.  


Prenclau (Prenzlau) town, district of Ukermarko (Uckermark), land of Brandenburg (Brandenburg), Germany.

The population - 20 400. Distance from Varėna - 890 km.

 Municipalities are related from the 28th of April 2000.

The main communication between municipalities - in the areas of culture, sports and tourism.



Gizycki town (Poland),
Distance from Varena 183 km


Bartoszyce town (Poland),
Distance from Varena - 310 km


Sciucin town (Belarus),
Distance from Varena - 165 km


Gusev town (Russia),
Distance from Varena - 204 km


Szemud town (Poland),
Distance from Varena - 552 km


Giby village (Poland),
Distance from Varena - 120 km


Gizycko town (Poland),
Distance from Varena - 233 km


Grajewo town (Poland),
Distance from Varena - 193 km


Uster town (Switzerland),

Distance from Varena - 1768 km published information can be used on other websites, media or elsewhere only acknowledged web site as a resource.
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